Calling it as it is

 I just saw an advertisement  for a clothing brand on Instagram.

 It was selling itself as sustainable, minimal  blah blah blah!

It has been designed by a famous product designer. The photos have beautiful light, the clothes have been made in muted pastels and I could see that even on the skinny models that there was absolutely NO BUST SHAPING!! The zip was half done up and the folds told me that even on the slim model it didn´t fit.

I didn´t even bother to look at the size chart because I already knew what I would find - XL for women, 100cm bust 

 I have friends that try on clothing and think something is wrong with them if something doesn´t fit. There is nothing wrong with you people!

That is scheiss pattern making and the designer hasn´t done his job and all the advertising and soft focus doesn´t make it any better.

 Finding bust shaping unaesthetic and just leaving it out doesn´t make bosoms go away. People are 3 dimensional.


 Rave over for now- here are some photos to illustrate my point.

Here are 2 differently shaped objects.

Lets see how they fit into an envelope.

The one on the left  is ok- it is flat like the envelope.

On the right the roundness of the object creates strange folds.

Here is a photo of the right one with darts.


That being said.. There are some wonderful dresses made out of square shapes. They function because they are wide enough and because the fabric has drape.

 The pieces I saw today were suitable for paper dollies only.

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  • Stephaney Thomas am

    I have to wonder if clothing manufacturers eliminated darts as a cost saving measure? Two fewer seams per garment translates into $$ when manufacturing thousands, if not tens of thousands garments. These days I’m surprised when I see a bust dart, even in high priced clothing lines. Seems anyone larger than an A cup is resigned to ill fitting ready to wear.

  • Katti Rocksaum am


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