The 7 dress, it might be ART.

7dress inclusive pockets stokx7dress

The first 7 dress was hastily thrown together to wear to a party.

The party´s theme was 7.

I had left things to the last minute and scanned my studio for ideas- quick ideas- I didn´t have time to recreate the 7 deadly sins; I didn´t want to dance with 7veils. I didn´t really have a plan. I saw some  black viscose stretch and chopped straight onto it.

I knew I didn´t want a "normal dress" but I didn´t want a weird dress either.

I was after tight,yet loose..*

When I had sewn the dress together and it was on my table I "saw" the 7 dots.

I coloured in the dots with a white marker pen and went to the party as a domino.

 I didn´t think about it again until I found a wonderful robust stretch- the kind that might be used for a 70´s track suit.  In the  robust stretch it gained a sculptural quality.

 This has been a favourite winter dress. Warm, indestructible , non-clingy and with massive pockets - Boots and then ready for anything.

It is the featured image. Draped across it is the "Paniertasche" **- another story.

I knew it was time to revisit the dress when I saw an octopus print.

The dress is perfect for featuring prints. I decided I wanted them in the shop.

After months of being locked up I needed to make myself laugh and started toying with the idea of a beach theme. I pictured beach balls and sand and beach ... pure escapism.

Early in her career ,the Serbian performance artist Marina Abramovic, created a piece called The Airport (1972).Speakers were installed in a cultural centre in Belgrade. They announced arrivals and departures of fictional flights - of course such flights  were very restricted in communist Yugoslavia....

So back to the frock- The 7dress to be precise.

 I have made it in soft viscose, striped cotton/elastan, 100% cotton single jersey. French terry- with a pocket on the front OR with pockets in the side seams.

 The dresses can be loose or with negative ease. The size range  is inclusive and looks it  great too.

I have seen it on Busty women and pear shaped women.

This dress has been tested!

The very first made outside the studio was by Ronda @anakiequilter

She posted a gorgeous video of herself dancing around to" Beautiful day "

Yep! she made an amazing version with a striking all over print- it brought tears of joy to my eyes.

 The  pale blue version by @2ducks_swimming has a waif-like quality in a  floral soft stretch.


Imagine my delight when Elaine, better known on instagram as @grandmaelaine,

 Made her version featuring Klimt print- Stunning!



Then I noticed her dress didn´t have sleeves.. why not ? The dress is completely hackable. Elaine also reviewed the pattern on the curvy sewing collective.

Check it out:         (5 stars !)

I have attached some sketches for different versions or "variations on a theme "or a new hashtag #stokxhackx


Here are some ideas : with a wide short sleeve; sleeveless; with a long wide sleeve and standing v collar OR a version with both sets of pockets.. if you want to impress me. ; ) 

Even the silhouette can be made more or less dramatic. Do the same to the front and back- add more dramatic drape or create a simple A line.

The zippered coat version would also be cute...

 You can find other versions with hashtag #stokx7dress

 Please tag it  @stokxpatterns - I love to see what is out there,




Foot notes 

*This" you can have it all " is a running gag for me.

 ** re named the Heldintasche it can be found

 My friend Meike was instrumental is starting the pattern project and has this pattern.( in German with good pictures )

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  • Katti Rocksaum am

    It definitely is art!!!

  • Katti Rocksaum am

    I think I fell in love (again), already thinking about my fabric stash deciding which one to try out… Love Kathrin

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