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Notch Part 1

Notch Tip
Part 1/2
Ah, the humble notch/nick.
We will refer to it as a notch!
This is the language of how the pieces fit together.
When you are cutting out your project pay attention to the notches.
Mark them with a removeable fabric pen or chalk, or “snip“ their position.
Make sure that the snip is no more than ½ the seam allowance.
Here are some things a notch will tell you:
A notch will tell you when to stop sewing along a seam,
to create a slit or where a collar fits onto a neck line.
The notch can tell you where the front of the sleeve is;
with 1 notch or the back of the sleeve with 2 notches
and how it ts into an armhole.
The notch on the top of a standard sleeve indicates
where it joins the shoulder seam.