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Online Course: Flirting with the Flirt Skirt

Online Course: Flirting with the Flirt Skirt

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This is a tutorial video to learn about the different variations for the Flirt Skirt Pattern.

You can first buy the Flirt Skirt pattern HERE and then learn 7+ variations to the pattern in this video. Just get started!

The Flirt Skirt pattern is just one modular piece and therefore quite easy and fun to change. This course has a few of our favorite variations that we hope you will have use for.

Since this is a test-run for our future video library we would like to offer you this course for free for a limited time. However these videos don't make themselves and if you feel like  supporting this project you can select the optional "Supportive 5 EUR" to donate 5 Euro.

Happy learning!


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