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#roteskleid magazine in english

#roteskleid magazine in english

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Download the. english version of  #Roteskleid magazine here.

"What if we encourage and support women to sew and wear red dresses so everyone can have the attention they deserve?"


The #rotesKleid hashtag will help us find each other.

It is about body positivity, courage and support for one another.

The #rotesKleid hashtag will help us find each other.

This is why I wanted to invite you along.

Feel free to share your red dress or your plans for a red dress.

It is a predominantly German language festival, however, we could imagine it becoming an annual international event .

If you didn´t know or haven´t had the time to make something red , "don´t worry, there is time"


 Here is the link to our blogpost



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Curious to see the final result of others? Want to be a part of the community and submit your own finished article? Head over to our community section and get involved!


Useful Tools

We have put together a list of handy tools to help you with your project including:

- Measuring

- Printing

- Assembling