A Stokx co-production; a Krisla or a Carlis?

A Stokx co-production; a Krisla or a Carlis?

This beautiful dress is a fine example of #stokxinthewild.

It is the brainchild of Ronda. Find her on instagram @anakiequilter

This is an excellent summer dress and can be made if you have the Kris top and the Carla rock or Dress

I asked Ronda if I could share her ideas here on the website.

This is extremely generous of her because now you can make it in the same way or make your own version.

Such a cool frock! A light cotton weight and a whimsical print.

It ticks so many boxes with pockets, breeziness, freedom of movement, airy sleeves and it is versatile.

It would look fine for an outdoor celebration and be comfortable for a stroll.

It is an excellent summer dress.

Here is the idea:

The top half is a shortened Kris top.

It is slightly longer than the shoulder to waist measurement because there is a slight blouse effect, necessary if you need to reach something from the top shelf.

It looks like it has been cut straight across. To double check I would try on the Kris top if you have already made it and tie elastic around your waist; reach upwards and then temporarily mark just above the elastic, measure it and check it against the pattern and then add seam allowance. Put a notch in the centre front for joining the waistband.

The bottom half is the Carla rock. This is quite straightforward; it is already big enough to get over your hips and has notches at the sides and centres.

The 2 halves have been joined with an elasticated waistband. 2 rectangles; one inside and one outside with elastic threaded through them. I would cut them on the straight because it will be easier to manage although Ronda cut the waistbands on the bias.

This is the only piece that will have to be self drafted. It will need to be big enough to be able to pull on the dress over your head. Generally you will be on the safe side with your hip measurement. The width? Ronda used soft 5cm wide elastic, so make the bands 5.5cm wide plus seam allowance on the top and bottom edges.

Then divide the waistband into quarters and make 5 notches: side seam, centre front, side seam, centre back and side seam. You will need seam allowance at both ends of the waistband.

I am not sure where Ronda left the hole for her elastic? I would put it on the side seam, on the inner waistband.

The centre front of the Kris and the Carla are cut on the bias. They should go easily onto the waistband however it never hurts to check.

What should it be called? 2 suggestions Krisla or Carlis?

Ronda calls it the Strawberry dress- Let´s go with that.

Whatever it is called please tag Ronda on instagram @anakiequilter if you make one.

I am also happy to pass on messages if you are not on social media.

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GREAT post! I thought the skirt was a simple gathered set of panels cut on grain – NO WAY! My bad, ladies, and thank you both for setting me straight. I love a good long skirt that can double as a dress, so might never do quite what you’ve accomplished, Ronda, But never say never! 😉
Stokx Patterns replied:
Hi! , I am really glad you found this post inspiring. I also thought is was really clever to bring 2 bias pieces together into a dress. No zips!

del moore

A great description of how to do this! These are the directions I will follow next time. I did kind of work out how long the top should be by trial … working a out that it needed to be blousy to give movement.

Ronda Hazell

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