Eve and Evelyn are ready !!!

Welcome to Stokx Patterns!

It gives me great pleasure to share my work with other creative people.

On this website you will find downloadable PDF formatted patterns in an inclusive size range.

It is my goal to digitize and  make available the 150+ designs that I have developed.

The Stokx garments have evolved parallel to fashion trends. 

One of the earliest designs is from 1999. I am still producing it for my customers. Now you can make it too.

The Stokx story started  in 1994 as a” pocket belt “ project .

The idea was to provide women with pockets that they might wear over their pocketless dresses.

This was the beginning of a problem-solving odyssey.

 The instructions have been designed to help you through each step until your garment is finished.

I would like to think that this platform will provide you with tips and ideas that you can use to

develop your own version of these designs.

All you have to do is get started. 


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We will inform you when new styles become available. That´s all !