Flirting with the Flirt Skirt

Flirting with the Flirt Skirt


Short History: The Party Rock pre-dates the Flirt Skirt.* 

The Party Rock is a close relative of the Flirt Skirt. The construction is exactly the same except the Party Rock has  2 diagonal pleats sewn into each segment.

To create the Flirt Skirt, I removed the pleats.

The original  #StokxFlirtSkirt is knee length. It has 1 asymmetrical pattern piece that is cut 6 times the same way up, not in pairs, 6 asymmetrical pieces. 

Because of it´s simplicity, the Flirt Skirt was the first pattern we created for the pattern project.

We used it to design the layout and instruction drawings.

We were also trying to reconstruct it with printed out pieces of A4 when I had the idea for the Stokx grid patent.

The one pattern piece has a cut on facing, apart from some bias binding, that's it.

 The piece kicks out on one side. This means it can be pushed up close to the edge of the cloth and then rotated so the diagonal fabric hungry flared sides use less fabric than a “normal” full skirt.

 The original 6 panel skirt is closed with an invisible zip. 


Hidden Potential unlocked..

Enter Emilo, they are  looking for a skirt and see the Party Rock.

It is a shiny grey, dirt and water resistant  beaver nylon; and they would like to have it except their waist is 120cm and the skirt I have measures 90cm.

Normally, I would make a custom skirt for them, except I had less than one metre of fabric left over.

 Then  I thought … 90cm➗6 = 15cm ..  90cm + (2 x 15cm) = 120cm

The solution was to cut 2 more segments and to have 8 rather than 6 segments…and  the modular nature of Party/Flirts Skirt was suddenly obvious.



Oh, and they wanted a pocket too, and to be able to adjust it.. For the pocket I used the pocket tool and cut 2 pieces of poly cotton poplin. A pocket flap  was added to make it look deliberate. To adjust it, I threaded a robust band under the facing . It comes out at the zip and can cinch the skirt in quite a few centimetres if required. 


A Revelation!

 Thanks to the customer request, the modular nature of the Flirt Skirt became apparent. 6,7,8 or 9 and counting panels could be joined together.

We went over the Flirt Skirt instructions countless times...

it wasn´t until Emilo****** walked through the door, needing a different size, that the potential of this “simple “piece morphed into many, very many variations: long, short, with pleats, without, 1/2 circle, 3/4 circle, Full circle, with elastic...

I wondered which variation was “ the best"

 The answer was, it we decided that the

“ teaching a person to fish “ **** approach was the best way forward.

In my excitement, we made a couple of phone videos. 

These have been strung together into a youtube video.

Here is the link


 It looks like the Flirt Skirt might also be how we learn to make videos.**

Watch the video.

Here are some highlights:

  • It demonstrates 2 ways to change the skirt length;
  • how to add one or more pleats;
  • how to grade the width of the panel; 
  • how to multiply;
  • and add elastic.

It shows that it is easy to change the length of the skirt.

The diagrams illustrate how the skirt can be lengthened by extending the seam lines,

Or how it can be lengthened without adding extra width to the hem.

The skirt can also be adjusted to be slightly longer at the back. This change is useful for those with a sway back or for those who like a bit of drama ( no judgement here )

 Adding one or more pleats.

 This technique adds a fascinating effect to the surface of the skirt, especially for plain fabrics. 

This is amusing because the Party Rock was reverse engineered to become a Flirt skirt and here the Flirt reverts to a Party Rock…the circle of design.***

The Waist/ Hip Measurement.

 Each triangle adds more to the waist and more width to the hem.  

The original pattern piece has an angle of about 40°. The unaltered Flirt Skirt has 6 panels so has a 240° flare or a ¾  circle skirt. If you add 2 more panels, 320°


 There are different ways to finish the waist

 Making the waist adjustable with a band or elastic and chopping a bit off the top of the facing.... or....

Sewing it onto a stretch band, like the Carla rock, or onto the top part of the Carla dress.


SO.. The Flirt Family..

What should they be called?

Gabriele @kissntuss suggested naming them with Roman numerals.

This would make the  knee length starting point Flirt Skirt I

This is Flirt Skirt II  .

It was customised for a favourite customer. The fabric is Grosgrain, with 8 panels and 2 pleats. There is an adjustable band under the facing so it fits Julian and Gabriele.


Flirt Skirt III 

 In Lycocel, 85 cm long, without adding to the panel hem width,1 pleat, 8 panels and an elasticated waist. Modelled here by mother and daughter; Astrid******* and Benita.

FlirtSkirt IV

9 x 40°= 360°

Flirt Skirt V

9 x elongated size 0 panels for a fitted at the waist denim skirt with a metal zip.

My mathematical brain has  started to swim with ideas and I have been arranging triangles in my dreams.



 Formulas of how to calculate the area of a circle pop into my head and I start to see triangles everywhere.

In the community  

Check #stokxflirtskirt on Instagram

I have been delighted to see the ideas that some makers have shared.

Adding piping between the panels is a lovely POSH detail.

Different ways to finish the hem. Some of these Flirt skirts have very long hems.

 Others have been mixing it up with multicoloured bias keeps it interesting and I also love a pom pom detail. 

Pocket solutions. Patch pockets, inseam pockets, welts..

There are a great mix of fabric choices too; prints, brocade, linens..

Here is Gabriele´s  8 panel x Ankara wax print ..Stunning !

And here, creating a lantern silhouette... Donna is an architect, she knows what she is doing.

This is a clever idea.


Thank you so much for sharing your ideas.

 I  hope that this blogpost will inspire you to make your own version of the Flirt Skirt.

Thank you to Gabriele, Donna, Astrid, Benita, Julian, Eva and everyone who has added to the Flirt Skirt metamorphosis.

Foot notes:

*This is a long story for another time.

** the content is definitely Simple; without pyrotechnics or car chases.

*** do you know the song “ There is a hole in my bucket dear Liza” ?


**** “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” is a quote from the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, founder of Taoism.


****** Emilo didn´t pick up the skirt. Not sure what the story is?

So I gave it to my muse Julian and he took this gorgeous photo of his friend.

******* Astrid has featured the Flirt Skirt on her Youtube channel .

Here is  the link:


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