How to make the Big Pants from the Carla rock pattern

How to make the Big Pants from the Carla rock pattern

I have been inspired to write this post because of the Zero waste movement.

There are a few Zero waste challenges, particularly the #sewcialistszerowaste.

I have been following with a real interest and would like to contribute this pattern idea.

Shapes that utilize cloth and fit most bodies can be found throughout costume history.

When cloth had to be woven by hand there was real motivation to use every last scrap.

This is a fascinating subject- However this is about reverse engineering the Carla rock.The Carla has the same construction as the Big pants- with the feet cut off.

First there were Big Pants.

They are the baggy dropped crotch pants that people love or hate.You can find something similar in “Hippy shops”. Generally they are in garish colours and badly finished.

Impossible to buy.

I took the shape- added reinforced pockets and cut them in a nice boring Stokx colour.

Here is the Principle. Then I will show you how to construct them using the Carla Rock as a starting point.

A rectangle of cloth is folded in the middle diagonally. There are rectangles on both sides.

The outside edges fold towards the parallel edge of the triangle that has been formed by the diagonal fold.

This is more or less a right angle triangle . The waist goes at the apex and the feet stick out at the corners

My version of Big Pants has the same waistband as the Carla rock.

So here are the pieces of the Carla rock pattern you can use.

On the left is the centre front on the fold and the pieces that make up the side panel of the Carla.

On the right they are assembled. The side panel is lined up with the centre front piece. The seam allowances are overlapped as if the pieces were just one.

The centre front and the centre back are lined up on the diagonal grain.

And there you have it!

We are making this pattern available for those who may not want to recreate their own version. When you get to this point ,decide what kind of pockets you would like. Create the shape around the ankle for elastic or for a stretch cuff or just leave it pointy.

This pattern needs to be changed in the length and the width if you want to make this pattern longer or shorter.

Why are they called " The Big Pants"?

I have always loved this kind of trouser. It impresses me that versions of these have been in production for hundreds of years. Ladies in Turkey wear them in the cotton fields so they can squat and pluck the cotton comfortably and modestly.

So, I wanted to give them a wonderful, exotic, historic name.

My friend Ela came to my studio to help with a photoshoot. She asked

" How do you want to shoot these Big Pants ?"

The name stuck.

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