Plus size styles -work in progress

Plus size styles -work in progress

Here are photos of the Big pants, the Athena Blouse, the Carla dress and the Marion hoodie
I was finally able to meet my model yesterday.
Her measurements are.
Bust 140 cm
Waist 132 cm
High hip 160cm
Low hip 170cm
upper arm 60 cm
She is 170 cm tall
These big pants are a size 10.
They were too tight to wear as trousers but worked well pulled up as a Romper. I will make her pair she can wear more ways because my model is into them. Adding a halter neck strap may be a good idea too.
The Athena Blouse is worn open over the big Pants . The Chaos collar on the Athena forms a shawl collar when it is worn open. She is wearing the size 12 . She needs a bit more around the waist ,hips and upper arms.
The Carla dress is a size 12 - my model took it with her- she loves it.
The Marion hoodie is an unaltered Size 12 . The only change I would make here is to change the upper arm, although it didn´t bother my model. Personally I hate tight sleeves! so my shit.
I was lucky to find Oriel.
About 6 months ago she was going up the escalator at Alexander platz as I was going down.
I chased her down and gave her my number.
She locked herself up over Winter and has now been vaccinated.
It is really helpful to have immediate feedback. We will collaborate in the future.
She is also a fat activist and identifies as queer.
I took the photos- some are a bit blurry, learning by doing

The Carla family and the Big pants family are closely related so it is possiible to attach the top of the Carla dress to the bottom half of the Big pants.

Below you can get an Idea of how it will look with cutting 2 photos in half and joining them in the middle. It will make a fun Romper suit.

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I am a plus sized sewing blogger thinking about trying the Athena blouse or Evelyn Top
I do have a large bust though, so wonder if they would fit.

My vlog is at and called Slap Happy Sewing

What do you suggest?

Deb Rolston


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