#rotesKleid = red dress

#rotesKleid = red dress

First things first:

Rot = Red

Kleid = Dress

Put them together and you have #rotesKleid *

This logo shows women dancing together. It is international. Let´s get started.

The Scene.


Meike @frau_crafteln :

Author, podcaster, teacher,coach, maker….

Constanze @texteundtextilien :

Author, publisher,maker…Good at most things.

Lindy @stokxpatterns:

Designer, patternmaker, inventor

There is a german website: www.rotes-Kleid.de

The idea for the #rotesKleid festival started with Constanze

saying to Meike that she should wear a red dress for the reading of her new book**

The choice was deliberate. Red commands attention and is present.

And then reflecting as Constanze does, she said,

"What if we encourage and support women to sew and wear red dresses so everyone can have the attention they deserve?"


The #rotesKleid hashtag will help us find each other.

It is about body positivity, courage and support for one another.

The #rotesKleid hashtag will help us find each other.

This is why I wanted to invite you along.

Feel free to share your red dress or your plans for a red dress.

It is a predominantly German language festival, however, we could imagine it becoming an annual international event .

If you didn´t know or haven´t had the time to make something red , "don´t worry, there is time"

is what my friend Meike said to me

when I phoned her in a panic.

In her typical " make lemonade" style she interviewed me about my fear and packed it in an amazing magazine that has been created for the #rotesKleid Festival.

There is a link to the magazine .

It is really fancy.. I am so impressed- the pages make a sound as you flip them.

There are several articles in English too!

On a serious note it is about being visible and being worthy. This is just a safe space to step out of your comfort zone. It is also a very great reason to have a sewalong.

Please feel invited.

There is no pressure,

You don´t even have to make a red dress… just something a little bit braver than usual.

Even then, if you don´t have time you can still like, share and cheer on from the side lines.

Baby steps:

I will be there wearing my red Playpants to the Zoom Gala

I didn´t have time to make a Kim top.

Fortunately the festival will continue until 31st May

Thank you to all for taking part in the very first #rotesKleid festival.

Power to you !!

*a grammatical twist adds the es in the German language for… reasons

** Abschaffung der Problemzone

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