Tasche. Bag= Pocket


The first Heldintasche  was made in about 2001.

 What does it mean ?

 Heldin = Female hero

Tasche = bag or pocket, the word is the same in German.

 It is a big wearable pocket.

It is a mixture of a garment and a bag. It is shaped to fit into the curve of the waist and it is a hunting and gathering detachable pocket.

The large outer pocket is for a newspaper; a bottle of water and/or the harvest. It is open- that is how it is. 

There is an inside pocket that zips shut for valuables;and a sneaky one piece phone pocket.

These illustrations have been lifted from the instructions.

The phone pocket is quick and easy. I have made these and sewn them onto other garments because they are so useful.

There are those who will want to find a way to close the outer pocket. Some have used magnets or buttons.This is allowed of course- just because I don't like the idea doesn't mean you can´t do it. This style is customizable. If you want a pocket for a pen or d-ring for your keys; make it -sew it on- It will be worth it when you realize everything is where you need it to be.

The strap is one long piece secured with a sliding buckle. 

It also has a buckle that opens and closes. This isn't strictly necessary. Another solution would be to make a closed system with hardware that allows for adjustment. Feel free to do it this way if you can´t find all the bits and pieces you need or just prefer it this way.

Thank you @anakiequilter for the image

I find the open and shutting function useful because I will attach my tasche around a chair if I am out somewhere so that nobody nicks it … 

A long strap was also good for the shop because it fit everyone.

This is a fun make. It is suitable for an intermediate maker or an ambitious beginner.

It is tricky if I do say so myself. French seams; run and fell seams; under stitching, bagging- out and a tricky way to attach the strap that is much less annoying than the conventional method. I hope you learn some handy tricks to add to your arsenal.

Is this the place to add tips? This design is scalable- print it out a bit bigger if you would like a larger tasche or smaller for a dainty piece.

It is also possible to leave the outer pocket off for a compact version.


My theme at the time was wearable luggage. 

In 2001,I was in a bit of an urban-warrior-Tank girl phase and I wanted to make something different.

Exploring Product design as opposed to clothing design allowed me to develop themes that are still important to me : Pockets; adjustability; movement; and a rejection of the fashion hierarchy and general brainwashing associated with Brands.

 I had originally called the “ Tasche”* the ” Pannier Tasche” .This was a reference to the padded hips of  French 18th century gowns- the ones worn with white powdered wigs…

This seems a bit ironic now considering my anarchistic tendencies at the time.. however

If you wear 2 “Taschen”, one on the right and one on the left, you can create a princess-like silhouette.

Less romantically, Pannier Tasche is the term for the bags thrown across beasts of burden… and panier with one ` n´  in it is the German word for breadcrumbs..

 When my friend Meike** released the Tasche into the German realm she re-named the Panier/Pannier tasche to the evocative “Heldinnentasche” :it means a bag/pocket for heroines**

It is a favourite of Meike´s. She wears it well, so she is on the cover!

Check  #heldinnentasche on instagram for inspiration.

There are some wonderful versions in bold prints and even fake fur!

Thank you to @patchangel2018 for the photo

** Meike uses “ good German to name the “ Heldinnentasche” I would explain the Grammar except I have to say that I am not an expert.

When you have made your heldintasche please use the #stokxheldintasche hashtag and tag me @stokxpatterns

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