The Carla and how it came to be.

The Carla and how it came to be.

My customers mistook the Big Pants for a skirt.

You could say that the Carla Rock ( rock is the german word for skirt )is like the Big Pants with the feet cut off and it is.

The centre front and centre back is exactly on the diagonal grain. The side panels are separate pieces that are cut on the straight with integrated pockets.

The pattern pieces fit nicely onto the cloth with little wastage

The hem on the Carla is a bit of fun and a nod to Folklore .The surprise of colour on the hem adds value and improves its swishiness.

The skirt waistband is wide enough to pull up as a strapless dress.

A strapless dress is great for the beach and as a portable changing tent but I wanted to see a dress version.

I made the stretch top and attached it to the shirt section. I really wasn't sure how long to make the top.Eventually I realized that there was no definitely right answer other than … it depends ...on..

How tall the wearer is; How full her bust is; whether she is self conscious of her tummy…

So I made the top long enough for the wearer to be able to decide where she would like to join the top and the skirt . There are also different sleeve lengths to choose between because it can be worn in Summer or Winter.

The exciting thing about the Carla is that is it is easily hackable or politely put, customizable.

It was recently put through its paces as an instagram challenge:

#fffebruary (Fabulous Friendship February). I loved the variety of styles that emerged- Bright Yellow, 50`s styling and some wild prints.

Here are just some of the makes.

Sue Stoney has written about her beautiful onion dyed version on her blog:

One of my favourite Vikings is #_eirashand_ .The Carla is in high rotation in her wardrobe. She has made the pockets even deeper and changed the waistband to suit her style.This makes me very happy!

My assistant Laura and I made a Carla wedding dress. The top is cotton/elastan and the shirt is a stiffish silk. I made a broad Bias sash for the waist.

The Carla waistband can easily be replaced with a narrower stretch waistband.

Or be transformed into a 50`s skirt with with a zip in one of the panel lines and a classic waistband.

Here are some thoughts I’ve had about adapting the Carla further.

It would be simple to create the skirt and then hang it from a favourite tank top.

My inspiration for this comes from my childhood.

Our winter school uniform was a tartan skirt and white blouse.

Like most 6 year olds, I was straight up and down.

The tartan shirt was attached to a little bodice ; the “skirt” was suspended from my shoulders- which prevented it slipping off my as yet undeveloped hips. A white blouse which gathered into a waist band was worn over the top.

To the world it looked like I was wearing a shirt tucked into a skirt.

Straight up and down figures have trouble keeping a skirt at the right level.

So do curvy figures. Skirts can sit deeper at the front and go up at the back.

If the skirts are attached to a thin comfortable bodice the waistline will appear straight.

I would like to develop a top half for the Carla out of the same material as the skirt.Something to just slip over your head , that hangs from the shoulders and doesn´t touch you anywhere . I imagine this being perfect for 30C+ days.

Another thought was about the Carla top- The tshirt that the skirt is attached to. It is a nice shirt and is a useful piece in its own right. The centre back seam creates a fine fit. If the lines are extended and slightly flared at the hem there is a simple t-shirt dress to be had that isn´t too tight around the hips and doesn´t ride up.

That is it for now. The only thing that is left to say is how delighted I am to see different versions of the Carla. Please send photos or post on instagram using

#stokxcarla or #stokxcarladress or #stokxcarlarock

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Thank you for featuring me Lindy! This was such an interesting post to read and absorb. I so want to make a winter version to wear with boots and a warm top. It’s on my list!!

Sue Stoney

Thank you for featuring me Lindy! This was such an interesting post to read and absorb. I so want to make a winter version to wear with boots and a warm top. It’s on my list!!

Sue Stoney

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