The Yes Dress and the Yes Wrap. Fitting Tips and Variations

The Yes Dress and the Yes Wrap. Fitting Tips and Variations

The Yes Dress and the Yes Wrap have the same fit.

This is because the Yes Wrap is an extension pattern or a new front to the Yes dress. If you have already tweaked your Yes Dress you can apply to same adjustments to the wrap for the same fit.

Taking these 2 measurements will optimise the fit of the Yes Dress across your chest:

the mid shoulder to bust point

and the side seam to side seam across the fullest part of the chest.

To begin:

Measure from the centre of your shoulder line to the fullest part of your chest.

This will tell you where you need the widest part of the curved side front piece.

There is a notch on the centre front and side front pieces indicating the bust point.

The next important measurement is the horizontal measurement, side seam to side seam, over the fullest part of the chest.

Take half of this measurement and compare it to the horizontal measurement of 2 pieces of the pattern. That is: Side front ,seam line to the bust point (horizontal) + bust point to centre front (horizontal)

A full chest might need extra added to the side front piece.

This will make it longer than it was. Compare the before and after measurement (measure along the seam line) and add the difference to the centre front as illustrated below.

If you want less fullness on the side front, reduce the width of the pattern piece.

Compare the before and after measurement ( measure along the seam line )

and subtract the difference from the centre front piece as illustrated below.

The Yes Wrap has a confident "V". If you would like to show less ( or more) redraw the neck edge. A little higher for more coverage ( as illustrated ) or lower to show whatever you like.

Feel free to download the Free measurement tool

Variations on a Theme

Next I would like to share some variations I have tried with the Yes Wrap.

Here is a hip length version with a ribbed edge and ribbed cuffs.

It also has a wider belt sewn on to the end of the ribbed neckline.

The sleeves are bracelet length so adding ribbed cuffs was pretty easy.

This electric blue version , in Ponte de Roma ,also has a wider belt ( 5cm finished added onto the end of the neck edge.

The Hashtags for these frocks are #stokxyesdress and #stokxyeswrap

Please tag @stokxpatterns if you would like to share and use the #stokxinthewild hashtag too

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Thank you for including adjustments for a smaller bust; the Yes dress is becoming a bigger spot on my radar.

Wendy Hendy

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