The Zephyr- Fit tips

The Zephyr- Fit tips

It is worth taking the time to fit your Zephyr dress. Unlike most of my styles it isn´t a given that it will fit you perfectly straight off the page.
This is because most people are not just one size. Even the same measurement s can be distributed differently on different bodies. For this style I would need a size 4 top and a size 6 for the hip- even though I can wear the shirtdress or the Kim without adjustment in the size 4.
As with every project, start with measuring yourself and measuring your pattern.
I would also recommend measuring yourself from side seam to side seam as well- particularly over the bosom and over the widest part of your bottom.
Make a mock up.
Take an old sheet or anything not too precious to get an idea of how the pattern in your size fits you.
If you slip it on and everything is fine you can stop reading and head over to the planned " Pimp your Zephyr" blog post.
If you put on your frock and notice folds like the drawing below, on the front shoulder seam it means the bust is too tight.
I would do a full bust adjustment as in the photo.

If you find horizontal folds at your back waist one of two things is causing this:

1. Your waist and midriff are smaller than the pattern. This causes the dress to elongate so that the waist drops down to the high hip, which is larger than the waist creating the stretched out folds.Here is how to fix it:

Take the dress in a little bit above the waist and/or shorten the length between the shoulder and the waist.This will bring the wider part of the dress where it needs to be. A bit more on the side seam will also solve the problem.

2.The other cause of horizontal folds is that the dress is too tight. Add a generous amount to the side seams or through the middle of the pieces and join them last for the best fit.

If the dress feels too tight across the back shoulders, go up a size for the top back piece. If you need a bit more, you can sneak in more width using this method.

The Zephyr is the sister pattern of the breezy Gossamer dress.

The Gossamer is much fuller around the hips - co incidence?

No, admits this pear-shaped designer.

There are some wonderful versions of the Zephyr with the hashtag #stokxzephyrdress please use it when you post yours.

Please tag me too and let me know using @stokxpatterns

Thank you

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How many A0 pages does the zephyr pattern need for printing?

Jennifer Snead

There are 2 pages in the A0 format

Melinda Stokes

Hi! I would like to make the Zephyrdress with long arms for the coming winter. Do you have än add-on for that, or a suggestion how to carry on with that idea?

Kjerstin Vogel

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