The Kim Cardy, A new front

The Kim Cardy, A new front

THE KIM CARDY. (Work in Progress)

This is the cardy you have been looking for to wear over your Kim top.

It has the same gentle swing.

The new front has a cut on shawl collar that casually drapes around the neck.

There are optional bluff bluff pockets for a longer or shorter version.

The style also includes a slightly wider long sleeve.

This is an extension pack.

You might want to size up , depending on your cloth choice. If you already have the original Kim, and need another size group for your Cardy send an email to and the extra size group will be sent free of charge.

The Kim Cardy is about exploring the potential of a style.

When you know what you can do with a Kim Top.. you might start to look at your other patterns in a new way too.

If you have made the Kim top you know how it feels and fits.

Now it can be taken up a notch by changing the front.

And, as a bonus, here is a collection of other ideas to inspire you.

Writing instructions brings all the strands of the design process together.

Choices are made so that there is a reliable starting point.

The original Kim top is a favourite pattern . It is quick and has a lovely tight yet loose aesthetic.

I have already written a short blog post called Eine kleine Kim hack . It is fun and might even be applicable to the Kim cardy.. Now there is yet another idea.

We started making Kim Cardy prototypes in August . We have made the Kim Cardy ( long and short ) in light, medium and heavy knits.

Each of these fabrics will work using the instructions, however,

this post will collect several variations on a theme:

Starting with the edges.

The instructions already suggest that the front edge can be extended for a dramatic drape.

As for the actual edge it can be over-locked, straight stitched, double needled, blanket stitched, roll hemmed, faced, bound or just cut..

Next, think about the length. ( images to come)

Then the shape of the hem.( images to come)

And ,to close or not to close.

The Kim cardy can be closed with a belt; a button or buttons; a tie of self fabric or a contrast ; with clips ( like the things used to hold up trousers); with press studs, with magnets…

I am already dreaming of a Kim Twin set. A kim top.. Or dress under a Kim cardy. It will be a modern take on this otherwise solid, yet dusty classic. ( where are my pearls?)

( watch this space)

So when is a Kim no longer a Kim?

As Heraclitus said “ You cannot step into the same river twice..”

Or rather doesn´t really matter- I just want you to know there are options and that you are free to explore them.

This post is a collection of just some of the variations that are possible.

If you have an idea , send me an email. I would be delighted to add to this list.

I would like to thank Ronda @anakiequilter and all the people kind enough to model for these photos.

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